YOUR CONSULTANT IS Amanda & Craig Boniface

My Story

Our Scentsy journey began in Jan 2015...The later end of.

Within our first month we sold over £2500 worth of products!!!! I never in a million years saw myself or my partner as sales people and I have always been quite shy around new people.....Since joining Scentsy I am amazed by what I can do and achieve! I have made lot's of new friends and my life has changed in all sort's of way's :D

I had the same doubt's as many others before I joined! ........

I am too busy as I run another home business , a house and have 6 children :O 

I dont know enough people.... I wont list all the people you dont actually think of but feel free to contact me to find out more ;) 

I dont have the sign up fee....borrowed mine ;)

I am so so glad I decided to take a chance! You could be too! I would be there with you all the way and you would recieve full training and support!


****January 2016 update*****

Well here we are and I am now a Director!!! :O I have earned 2 all expense paid trip's, A bracelet and many charm's!! Lot's of monetary value bioonuses and I now have a team of 47! I never in a million years dreamed I would be here now!! Believe in yourself and you can do anything!!